Solar Water Pump

Solar, the Sun is playing an important part on our daily life. We are using solar energy for various purposes and uses.  Using  solar panels we are  making electrical energy now. The solar water pump is also running by solar electric power energy.

 Submersible Brushless Solar Fountain Solar Water Pump Zqasales

  • This solar fountain is driven by solar energy.
  • Further this solar water pump has  high efficiency solar panels to produce solar energy.
  • Moreover the performances of this water pump is 20% more than the traditional Water Pump.
  • We can use  solar pump to supply water to swimming pool, garden or for  other purposes. We can installation it easily.
  • This solar fountain water pump can work as long  there is sunlight. 
  • We can connect  different type of nozzles as required for different water ejection.

    Solar fountain water pump


15W Solar Brushless DC Solar Water Pump Fesjoy Battery Charging, Garden Rockery Fountain, Water Spray Height Adjustable, Solar Panel and Brushless Water Pump Kit

  • This Solar Water Pump is perfect for external power supply.
  • Further this Solar Water pump is powered  by storage battery, so we don’t require power supply.
  • Further this brushless water pump can pump water easily.
  • We can use remote control to control ON and OFF of the water pump and also to adjust water height conveniently.
  • Considering all excellent facilities we choose this water pump on priority basis.



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