Solar products

Solar products

Solar, the Sun is the source of all of all energy. Recently, we have got the ability to make power by using The Sun Ray (solar light) and Solar Panels. Now we can also able charge backup battery using sun light and solar panels. As result many manufacturers make many kinds of solar products. We can run or use these solar products using this solar energy. Solar products are eco friendly and easy to maintenance. Above all it is cheap and also help us to cut a significant amount of our power bill. Here we have assembled some solar energy base solar products consideration like purchase on Amazon.

Solar Powered Attic Fan 30w crystalline solar panel

  • A Solar fan, solar attic fan a solar product runs by solar charged panel.
  • It is charged by solar panel with the help of solar light.



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Adidas Men’s Solar Glide ST 19 Running Shoe

  • This Adidas solar glide Running Shoe is made of synthetic and meshes.
  • Its Continental Rubber Out sole offers increased traction in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Further the solar Propulsion rail helps to boost and guide the foot providing energetic and smooth underfoot feeling.
  • Furthermore, it has the torsion system that uses a thermoplastic in the mid foot.
  • It allows the forefoot and rear foot to move independently for increased stability.
  • For these reasons this Solar Guide Running Shoe is an unique to buy and use.


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VIGLT Solar Shower Bag Summer Shower 5 Gallons/20L Solar Heating Camping Shower Bag with Removable Hose and Shower Head for Camping Outdoor Traveling Hiking

  • This Solar Shower Bag has an upgraded shower head that can offer easy high to low water flow.
  • This summer shower bag can absorb sufficient solar energy to hit it the water inside the bag.
  • The materials used for this bag are environment friendly and also safe for human health.
  • Furthermore, it is easy to carry and use outdoor.
  • Above all this solar shower bag is most easy to use, just fill it with water, keep it on a flat surface exposing backside to direct sun light.
  • Well done now enjoy outdoor showering.


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Sun2Solar Blue 30-Foot Round Solar Cover Heating Blanket | 1200 Series with 6-Pack of Heavy-Duty Grommets Bundle | for In-Ground and Above-Ground Round Swimming Pools | Minimize Pool Water Evaporation

  • This sun2solar blankets remain floating on the surface  above ground pool and

    warm our pool water using the sun.

  • We will lose enough water every splash and all the waves through the summer
  • Our solar cover heating  blanket will protect liquid of our outdoor pool.
  • We can prevent 95 percent of our water loss by keeping the thermal cover on between summer sessions.
  • We can trim this blanket to fit the pool shape. 

*We do not need any extra pool heater to worm pool water.Please see the Instruction video for Grommets installation.


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Solar Shield 3 Clip-on Polarized Sunglasses Size 56 rec 1 Black Rimless

This Solar Shield polarized Sunglasses will protect our eyes from thr harms of sun rays.
Further it will keep our eyes cool and protect it wind and sands.

Currently not available

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50 Foot Mc3 Solar Cable for Photovoltaic Solar Panels with Mc3 Solar Connector Cable 50 Feet Long and Mc3 Connectors At Each End.

  • This 50 feet 10 awg High Quality Solar Panel Connector Cable is with Mc3 at each end.
  • Further this Solar Cable is made with High Quality TUV and UL Rated components.
  • Furthermore it is durable for long life and is quite fit for outdoor applications.
  • At the end we have to mention here that Greener World Store Brand is 100% Guaranteed.


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HONYAFA 5V USB Charger Outdoor Solar Power Panel Energy Home System Generator Kit with 3 LED Lamp Light Over Discharge Protect

  • We can use this Outdoor Solar Power Panel USB Charger anywhere when there enough Sun Light.
  • It is also important to note that this solar charger can charge mobile phone, MP3, MP4, Digital camera
  • And even any other electronic products.
  • Therefore it is ideal for indoor lighting, Camping, outdoor lighting, charging any electronic products at the time of power failure.
  • This Solar USB Charger is equally useful where bringing grid electricity is not possible and it is discharge protected.


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GVSHINE [30W Panel Foldable] Solar Panel Lighting Kit, Solar Home DC System Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Power Outage with 4 USB Solar Charger LED Light Bulb and 5 Cellphone Charger/ 2A Output

  • We can use this solar panel kit when we need electricity at the time of hurricane, snowstorm time or during power failure.
  • The emergency solar panel kit system includes flexible solar panels, solar DC system, 2 x 2WLED, 2 x 3W LED, 2 for iPhone, adapter and 3 cords as needed.
  • We can mount this system on a curved roof, travel trailer, van, truck, boat, tent or any irregular surface.
  • In addition it is highly waterproofed we don’t require to worry at the time of heavy rain, hurricane or snowfall.
  • Furthermore, we can quickly charge our cell phone, digital device, power bank, fan etc using its universal charging port.
  • On the other hand it has multiple outlets that enabled several Led Bulbs working at the same time.
  • The kit is only 9.9 lbs and it is easy to install.
  • As its working time is so balanced,
  • we can widely use it home, patio, garden, in the wild, party, camping, street etc.


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Naiflowers 4PC Solar Mosquito Zapper Outdoor Bug Killer Insect Killing Lamp Ground Backyard Garden Patio Lawn Camping Cordless Solar Powered Pest Control Light Best Stinger Mosquitoes Moth Fly (Black)

  • This Purple Color Solar Powered Light can effectively kill flying insects.
  • Therefore, this Solar Insect Killing Lamp can help our family from mosquitoes and insets bite.
  • Moreover, this Mosquito Insect Pest Killer lamp can effectively prevent the invasion of mosquito, pest, insect and flies.
  • It is suit for indoor, outdoor, garden, patio, porch, backyard etc.
  • This Naiflowers light is easy to install, just only paste it on the wall where direct sun light is available.
  • We don’t require any wire to connect or charging battery.
    The built in battery after fully charged in
  • sun light can continuously work for 6-8 hours.


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Best Choice Products 10-Foot Solar LED 360 Degree Aluminum Polyester Cantilever Offset Market Patio Umbrella Shade w/Easy Tilt and Smooth Gliding Handle, Brown 

  • This Umbrella has 35 built in Led lights and a center light all powered by solar panels.
  • We can conveniently rotate it to our desired position.
  • The Solar panels are placed in a suitable position so that we can get perfect light day and light.
  • Further there is a smooth gliding handle to adjust the shade and block the Sun when required.
  • This Solar Powered Umbrella has 2 inch thick powder coated aluminum pole to protect rust and scratching.
  • It also uses fade resistant polyester fabrics.
  • All these elements make Market Patio Umbrella a grand one to choose and use.



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STEM 4WD car DIY Climbing Vehicle Motor car Educational Solar Powered car Engineering car for Kids,Assembly Gift Toy Circuit Building Projects Science Experiment,Building Toys

This DIY Solar Climbing Vehicle train kid’s ability to think .It will help them to solve problems using their hands and brain. The will learn the technology by play and enjoy it. Further your child will know the basic concepts behind cars and renewable energy resources the Solar Energy. Therefore we can assign it as one of best toys.

Educational solar powered car


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