Kids three wheeled scooter

Kids Three-wheeled scooter has taken a good position in the world of kids playing materials and equipment. Keeping this in mind, we have gathered a few beautiful and handy scooters fo kid here for parents to choose for their child

Three-Wheeled Scooterd for children

  • This  is a  2 in 1 Kids Three wheeled scooter for  Children and Toddlers.
  • Further, we can adjust this mini size adjustable three-wheeled scooter.  
  • Moreover we can slide the sit  for the child to sit on it with comport and feel comfort.

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Three Wheel Scooter Pride Elite Travel Scooter

  • This three wheels scooter is a pride for traveler to go out with it.
  • Further this pride elite travel scooter has Delta tiller with wrap around handle and has 9-inch rear wheels.
  • Furthermore it is included with two sets of easily changeable colored panels  red and blue, both are exciting.
  • It has 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Standard 18AH battery pack and up to 12.4 miles rage. 
  • That all make it super one as a gift item for our kids.
    Three wheeled scooter pride 


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