Home Theater Projector

Home Theater Projector has brought wider display of Movie, video, music at home. Now we can observe and enjoy them at home with beloved family members using this super loved Home Theater Projector. The Home Theater Projector helps us to enjoy films, or anything of our choice collected earlier from different sources with our kith and kin in a homely atmosphere.

Sony Home Theater Projector VPL-HW65ES Full HD SXRD White Combo

  • The Sony Home Theater Projector is suitable for enjoying cinema, film,
  • Also helps to view Video and film at home.

Home Theater Projector

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MXK 3D Laser Projector 1080P Smart Home Projector with Stereo X Wireless WiFi HD Home Theater Projection Multi-Media Equipment

  • We can watch big screen football matches on this smart home theater projectors.
  • It is ideal for such watching.
  • This home theater Projector has advanced DLP technology.
  • Therefore we can use it widely with digital TV,as family/professional projectors and with digital cameras.
  • Further, we can use  this laser home theater projector at home and outdoor yards on a large screen.

Home Theater  Projector

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Wireless Projector,1080p Support, Hd Home Theater Projector, Projector Size 120′, 7500 Mah, Lamp Life 30,000 Hours, Android 7.1 Compatible Hdmi, USB, Sd, Vga

  • This Portable Home Theater Projector is suitable for Office, Home and outside.
  • It has clear vision, realistic color and original resolution and light resistant.
  • It will not hurt your eyes.
  • Further, it has wireless remote control technology, Android 7.1 system, 8G memory
  • WiFi technology makes it perfect for use in home, office and outdoor.

Home Theater Projector

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Home Theater Projector JSX 1080P 4K Projector with Android Full HD WiFi&Bluetooth 3840X2160dpi/3000 ANSI Lumens/300 Inches Huge Screen

  • This Home Theater Projector is designed to provide you truly enjoyable movies, watch matches and experience games.
  • It has Android operating system, WiFi to connect to network.
  • It also support HDMI input to laptop, game host, TV box, external Bluetooth speaker.
  • Further, it supports iPhone and Android phone wireless.
  • Moreover WiFi speaker of this Home Theater can also be used as a Bluetooth at standby mode.

Home Theater Projector

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Projector Screen with Trapezoid Stand 100 inch 16:9 HD 4K 2-in-1 Outdoor Indoor Movie Projection for Camping, Recreational Events, Home Theater, Gaming Wrinkle-Free Portable Projection Screen

  • This Home Theater projection screen can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • This Projector Screen is equally usable at the time of  camping, backyard movie, home theater,
  • Also in the large commercial activity center, performance entertainment center, even mini drive-in theater and much more.
  • It gives an ideal color viewing experiences.
  • Further, this Projection Screen can easily folded in a bag while on family trip to anywhere, to beach or camping.
  • It can be set  easily in 15 minutes.

Projection Screen

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Mini Home Theater Projector Portable Android 7.1 Wireless Projector 1080p Compatible Mobile Phones Laptop SD Card Audio Equipment

  • This Mini Home Theater Projector is compact and light weight and easy to carry.
  • This projector is great for outdoor activities like meeting, party, game time and in home.
  • It has a maximum resolution of 1080p and the image can be adjusted from 40 inches t0 120 inches.
  • Further, this Home Theater Projector has lithium and it can work two hours without charging.
  • You can also use remote control to control it.

Home Theater Projector

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KUNAW HD Projector Screen 16:9 Home Cinema Theater Portable Projection Screen 60inch 72inch 84inch 100inch 120inch

  • This Projector Screen sizes are 60inch, 72inch, 84inch, 100inch and 120 inch.
  • Therefore, this Portable Projection Screen meeting and conference, classroom training and.  Public display.
  • On the other hand Cinema Theater Projection Screen is also used for Home Cinema, Movie, Party, KTV, Playing game, Backyard Movie and much more.
  • One can fold it easily.
  • So it is an ideal one for us.

Projector Screen

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