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The electrical cars for kids play. Here are some nice and well build electrical cars for boys and girls. It is a good gift item. You can choose one for your kid.

Fast and powerful one of the beautiful ride on Car electric car

  • 12 volt and 7ah Real motorized electric cars, shock absorbers, 2 motors 3 speeds with remote control Ride on electric cars for girls and boys on the market
  • An electric car fully designed as acceptable to kids up to five years boys and girls weigh about 55 lbs.
  • It is also equipped with Real metal spring suspension for comport  and safety brake.
  • Parents can control it by remote control.
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Beatiful Electric car

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Moderno Kids Mercedes CLA45 Children Ride-On Car with R/C Parental Remote 12V Battery Power LED Wheels Lights + 5 Point Seat Belt + MP3 Music Player + Baby Tray Table + Rubber Floor Mats (Cherry Red)

  • This Children Ride On Car is for age 1-5 years kids under the supervision of adults. 
  • It has soft start and electric brake system for gradual accelerations and Reliable braking.
  • Further it has portable soft seat.
  • Moreover it has Parental Remote system with remote stop system.
  • Furthermore it has front and rear shock absorber, led lights and foam rubber tires with Led light.
  • Beside all of these this riding car for children has MP3 music player, Micro SD card and USB flash drive.
  • So , it is a good kids play material.


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